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Jeshua - A Lifelong Search for Enlightenment Vol. 1

by Moon Pony

ISBN 9780986980275

Two thousand years ago, a virgin conceived a baby through the Holy Spirit and eventually gives birth to a son whose destiny is seemingly already planned. Jeshua, as he is named, will teach the people the truth - with the hope that the truth will set them free. All throughout his childhood, Jeshua claims to belong to a different kingdom and that his father is in heaven. Eventually Jeshua meets and befriends Ravanna, the Royal Prince of Orissa, who offers him a six-year admission to the schools and academies of India.

Once Jeshua receives his parents' blessing, he embarks on a ten-year journey into manhood and the heart of India where, with Prince Ravanna's mentorship and guidance, he begins a search for God's truth, reality and eternity. Upon Jeshua's return to Nazareth and his family, his attempts to share the knowledge he has gained from his journey is rebutted by others with skepticism, ridicule and even violence. In his determination to live his vision as the Messiah, Jeshua is forced to set aside his fears and find the balance between being a Son of God and a husband and father.