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To Go Or Not To Go

To Go Or Not To Go

by Anita Henning

ISBN 9780620443395

Many people yearn to venture to little-known destinations in southern Africa, wondering what they will find or what to expect.  Well, these good people need wonder no longer.  ToGO or not ToGO – For the independent traveller - a route planner,  has recently been published.

This first ever tourism manual and coffee table book has several great qualities.

  • It understands tourism; what travellers need, the kind of information they want.
  • The routes are discussed in detail, allowing readers the freedom to choose where To GO, when To GO and how long To GO.
  • The book is extremely visual with superb photography and maps, as well as informative, entertaining route descriptions.
  • It is a practical, comprehensive reference on virtually every specification the discerning traveller might consider relevant.
  • Although the excellent presentation lifts it to coffee table standard, this travellers’ companion is also suitable for any vehicle and even backpacks.


The ToGOTo Route Planner is a compilation of seven years’ extensive research in southern South Africa.  Written in a leisurely style, it is a factual, reliable source of reference, and covers all aspects of tourism, including our rich cultural heritage and the environment.

The routes are developed in such a way that tourists can independently design their own route according to the time at their disposal.  They can choose to travel low budget or in style.  The Route Planner makes clear differentiations between 4x4-only routes and those suitable for ordinary vehicles as well.


About the author: Anita Henning lives in Bethlehem (Free State) and is the founder and editor of the tourism magazine ToGOTo.  An ardent photographer with an inquisitive nature, she is an enthusiastic explorer, appreciates people and their diverse cultures, and is passionate about southern Africa.