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Never A Dull Moment

Never A Dull Moment

by Paddy Hagelthorn

ISBN 9780620536608

In this book you will meet Paddy Hagelthorn, the ultimate African story teller and one of the last of the people whose roots come from hunting and true bush lore learnt, not from books, but from practical experience in the wilds of Africa. It is these deep roots in the African soil, that give Paddy his unmistakable authenticity and make him a safari guide with few equals. You will also discover Paddy’s genius with his camera. He has captured the charm, the unusual and often spectacular events in the wilderness – a young leopard hunting a leguaan, undeterred by the waves whipped up by gale-force winds, a jackal which tried to stop a python from entering his den and swallowing all the pups. These are just a few of Paddy’s fascinating subjects.