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Footprint Guides


New Edition Footprint Guides - Handbook

Kilimanjaro & Northern Tanzania Handbook
2nd Edition


Zanzibar & Pemba Handbook
2nd Edition
9781910120002   9781910120071 9781910120323 9781910120330 9781910120538
Uganda Handbook
3rd Edition
Nambia Handbook
7th Edition
Vietnam Handbook
7th Edition
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Handbook
5th Edition
Cape Town, Garden Route


Home to the world’s highest waterfall, the longest mountain range and the largest rainforest, this continent will baffle you with its enormity. Each country and region has an overview map which includes “Don’t miss” destinations, local information on how to get around and detailed street maps where relevant. 

The 18th edition of the India Handbook (9781907263422) made up of over 1,500 pages! Wildlife Travel (9781907263484) is a full-colour large-format pictorial book which covers the best wildlife adventures continent by continent.

South American Handbook - 9781907263774
India Handbook - 9781907263422
Wildlife Travel - 9781907263484

Some More Footprint Handbooks

Morocco Handbook 6th Edition - 9781907263316
Kenya Handbook 3rd Edition - 9781907263606
Tanzania Handbook 3rd Edition - 9781907263590
Thailand Handbook 8th Edition - 9781907263538


Footprint Focus Series

There are exciting new destination in Footprint's Focus series. Footprint Focus are small, lightweight guides covering specific destinations around the world. Rather than cover a large country, Focus guides are limited to key destinations, providing all the info you need and none of the stuff you don't.

Johannesburg & Kruger National Park - 9781910120118
Durban & KwaZulu Natal - 9781909268760
Bali & Lombok - 9781908206459
Rio de Janeiro - 9781908206138