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Guide to Mystical French
Facing Darkness
Mind Body Diabetes

Candling For Optimal Health





Candling For Optimal Health


Common and Lesser Known Benefits


CANDLING FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH guides the reader in the use of ear candles or cones and is a comprehensive account of the candles uses and their beneficial effects. Suitable for both the lay-person and complementary therapists, the book gives case histories of people who have found relief from hearing loss, sinusitis, tinnitus, headaches, ear ache, stress and other health problems using ear candling. A comprehensive workbook offering the reader all the information they need to use ear candles on their family and friends or patients


The ear treatment candle (or cone) goes back thousands of years, evidence of its use having been found among Native Americans, Latin Americans and people from around the Mediterranean basin.


Its main objective is to stimulate the body's energy systems, working on the acupuncture points in the ear and the peripheral lymph system. It is also extremely effective in such conditions as sinusitis, glue ear, migraine, impacted wax etc. and for relaxation.


Now in a brand new edition, this is a book that deals with the subject in-depth as Jili Hamilton brings us the benefit of over 25 years’ experience in working with the candles and includes numerous anecdotes from her clients.




New Cards / Decks and Sets

9781844096695 9781844096909
Tai Chi Reflections9781844096695 Archangels & Gemstone Guardian Cards9781844096909
9781844096305 9781844096176 9781844096671 9781844096763

Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards


Five Agreements Game


Life Navigator


Wonder of Unicorns Game




New Titles



Reflexology Made Easy9781844096664
9781844096701Little Book of Dragons9781844096701


Deeper Perspective on Alzheimer's andOther Dementias9781844096626


Medicine Hands9781844096398


Five Tibetans Yoga Workshop9781844091973


Become An Earth Angel9781844096459


Gemstone Healing9781844096466



CD's and DVD's

9781844096732 CD

Breathe and Relax To Overcome Stress, Anxiety, Depression 9781844096732


All the tracks on these two CD's take you into a deep state of relaxation allowing you to let go and achieve each of the stated objectives.

 Inner Freedom 1 9781844096404

 Inner Freedom 2 9781844096411

Inner Freedom 1

CD1: Relaxation and stress management, self esteem booster, generating abundance.

CD 2: Becoming empowered, attracting love, unlimited potential

Inner Freedom II

CD1: Positive past life, healing and energy clearing with the angels, future life progression.

CD2: Transformational journey, inner child and ancestral healing, chakra meditation.

Thai Message 9781844096169 

Thai Massage and Thai Healing Arts
Practice, Culture and Spirituality

Uncovers a wealth of previously unavailable information on the historical, spiritual and cultural connections to this powerful healing art.

Be An Angel 9781844096374 


Be an Angel - Clear That Clutter!
Fun Ideas to Organize Your Home
Twelve Essential Healing Crystals
Your first aid manual for preventing and treating common ailoments from allergies to toothache



Who On Earth Are You?
A field guide to identifying and knowing yourself
Let Your Body Speak
The essential nature of our organs



Yes Frequency
Master a Positve Belief System and Achieve Mindfulness
Unfolding Our Light
Creating Crystal Mandala To Awaken and Heal

New Beginnings – Ten Teachings for Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life (9781844096152)

Create a positive and powerful platform for making wanted changes. Examining 10 essential life lessons for making the law of attraction a living reality, focus is placed on recognizing that each sacred moment can be a new beginning. Providing more than 40 practical exercises for being present, feeling calm, attracting desires and living healthier and wealthier lives.

Forgiveness is Power – A User’s Guide to Why and How To Forgive (9781844096282)

Shows you how to create better relationships with other and with yourself, to forgive in order to enhance your self-esteem, break free from limitations and become a happier person. Forgiveness can help you radically and dramatically change your life for the better. Get ready to move on with the rest of your life!

Healing with Past Life Therapy – Transformational Journeys through Time and Space (9781844096343)

Delves deeply into past life regression and offers a thorough understanding of each step of the process. Through detailed transcripts of actual sessions, ordinary people speak candidly about their experiences with this form of self-discovery.

True Angel Stories – 777 Messages of Hope and Inspiration

777 true angel stories explores how angels can transform lives through exercises and visualisations that readers can practice on their own. Stories discuss guardian angels, feathers, signs, rainbows, prayers, numbers and names, unicorns, orbs and much, much more, making this the ultimate angel compendium.

Making Art A Practice – 30 Ways to Paint a Pipe                        (How to Be the Artist You Are)

A hands-on, experiential action book designed to get the reader creating art and exploring a variety of possibilities for being an artist. According to the teachings of this handbook, engagement with art is less about end results or products and more about the self-awareness and competence that frees the artist to seek out and create work that is vital.

Color Your Life With Crystals - Your First Guide to Crystals, Colors and Chakras (9781844096053)

This introduction to gemmology provides you with a base understanding of crystal qualities, the power of colours, and the metaphysical importance of positive thinking. Each crystal has a photograph & text describing its appearance and energy qualities, as well as concrete examples of life situations where a crystal and some positive thought affirmations can be helpful.

Heal the Hidden Cause - Using the 5-Step Mind Detox Method (9781844096145)

Discover and heal the hidden mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life problems. Shows you how by making peace with your past, chronic stress is reduced allowing the body to heal and by clearing self-limiting beliefs you can use your mind to achieve brilliant success in business and life.

Book of Oriental Medicine - A Complete 

Self-Treatment Guide (9781844096046)

Tried-and-true techniques developed over hundreds of years - diet, acupressure, massage, exercise, scraping, tapping and lifestyle - are offered for common maladies from colds and high blood pressure to backache and depression. With easy-to-understand explanations, clear illustrations and straightforward treatment alternatives.

Yoga Of Pregnancy - Week by Week - Connect with Your Unborn Child Through the Mind, Body and Breath (9781844095933)

Introduces a practice of weekly meditations, yoga and affirmations that reflect the developmental and physiological changes taking place both inside and outside the womb. Enhances the experience of pregnancy and prepares mothers physically, emotionally and spiritually for child birth and motherhood. For beginners as well as regular practitioners of yoga.

Living with Bipolar Disorder - Strategies for 

Balance and Resilience (9781844095865)

In this personal account, Lynn Hodges guides you through living and working with bipolar disorder and offers you first-hand advice on how to lead a fulfilling life despite having this challenging mental-health condition.

In Tune with The Moon 2013 


The complete day-by-day moon planner for growing and living. The effects of the moon on plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables are explained & recommendations for the ideal time to sow, transplant, rotate crops, and harvest are provided. The book can be used in the Northern AND Southern Hemisphere.

Divine Sexuality 9781844095346

Lost And Found - From Racecar Driver to Pilgrim, From Soweto to Findhorn.

Geoff Dalglish is an award-winning journalist, a former magazine editor, race & rally driver, overland expedition guide and 4x4 adventure who is now walking 25 000 miles - the equivalent of the circumference of the planet - with a message about treading lightly upon the earth. Geoff Dalglish is well known in South Africa and his book will resonate with local readers - photographs include a meeting with President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Divine Sexuality (9781844095346)

The erotic aspects of Tantra are taught in Divine Sexuality (9781844095346), which reveals transformative insights and methods for all levels of experience.


New Card / Decks and Sets:

Keys To The Universe Cards (9781844096091)              

There are 50 keys - 48 of which enable readers to unlock the secrets of other realms, such as the animal or natural kingdoms, the elements, archangels and other angelic beings, cosmic masters and wisdom centers and two Golden Cosmic Keys, Hollow Earth & Sirius, which allow attunement to the wisdom of the cosmos. For beginners and advanced students of ascension. (ISBN 9781844095001 Keys to the Universe + Audio CD)

Angel Heart Sigils - Mystical Symbols from the Angels of Atlantis (9781844096060)

Can provide a feeling of sustainable joy and well being. Contributing to and building upon the Angels of Atlantis oracle card set, these cards can be used on their own of in tandem with the other set. Celebrate embracing the power of love and the wholeness of a life touched by the angel's beauty and grace and the opportunity to connect to the ancient realm of Atlantis.

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards (9781844095438)

The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards (9781844095438) are inspired by the 12 archangels of Atlantis, who appear as loving, wise guides providing powerful counsel to heal our lives. These cards accompany Stewart Pearce's book, The Angels of Atlantis (9781844095698).

Angels of Atlantis (9781844095698)

Twelve mighty forces to transform your life forever.

The Crystal Oversoul Attunements 9781844095711

Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards (9781844095957)

Personally gleaned and intuited by Walker as she travelled far and wide to meet and communicate with both wild species and domestic animals, these missives "whisper" the animals' tidings of love and compassion and dispatch their greatest wish - for humanity to find re-empowerment so we can finally integrate into interspecies unification.

Ascension Cards - Accelerate Your Journey to the Light (9781844096008)

Each card offers information about a specific ascension energy of an Ascended Master, guidance about how to use it and an affirmation to help you assimilate the wisdom.

The Crystal Oversoul Attunements (9781844095711) 

By Michael Eastwood is a set of beautiful cards and accompanying book which explore in great depth the spiritual and metaphysical qualities of crystals.


Pilgrims Guides:

Findhorn Press also publishes wonderful pilgrims' guides to three major Iberian caminos

Camino Finsterre (9781844095353)

Camino Portugues (9781844095308)



Camino de Santiago (978184496800)

As well as a meditation on the history and meaning of the camino: Call of the Camino (9781844095100)


Diana Cooper Highlights From Findhorn Press:


2012 and Beyond (9781844091829)

Diana Cooper’s inspirational book, reminds us that 2012 offers the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been.

Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 (9781844095582)

Moving beyond 2012, Diana offers new guidance in Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 (9781844095582)

A New Light on Angels (9781844091669)

A New Light on Ascension (9781844090358)

The Keys to the Universe (9781844095001)

Diana Cooper Children Books and CD's:

Diana Cooper has also released four books for children: The Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking Kitten (9781844095506) Tara and the Talking Kitten Meet Angels and Fairies (9781844095513), Tara and the Talking Kitten Meet a Unicorn (9781844095575) and Tara and the Talking Kitten Meet A Mermaid (9781844095803). She also has two audio CD's for kids: Tara and her Talking Kitten meet her Guardian Angel and other stories (9781844095780 and Tara and her Talking Kitten meet the Naughty  Dragon and other stories (9781844095797).




The Magical Adventures of Tara and the Talking Kitten 9781844095506
Tara and the Talking Kitten Meet Angels and Fairies            9781844095513
Tara and the Talking Kitten       Meet a Unicorn                         9781844095575
Tara and the Talking Kitten       Meet A Mermaid             9781844095803

Tara and her Talking Kitten meet her Guardian Angel and other Stories                                                        9781844095780
Tara and her Talking Kitten meet the Naughty  Dragon and other Stories                                                        9781844095797


Diana Cooper Oracle Card Sets:

We stock a wide range of Diana Cooper's oracle card sets

Angel of Light Cards   9781844091416
Angel Cards for Children 9781844090273
Unicorn Cards             9781844091447
Wisdom Cards             9781844091430


Diana Cooper Meditation and Information CD's:


Archangel Uriel     9781844095155
Guardian Angel             9781844095179
Unicorn Meditation 9781844095254
Archangel Gabriel 9781844095131



Archangel Raphael 9781844095162
Archangel Michael 9781844095148
Healing in Golden Atlantis 9781844095223
Karma Release Meditation 9781844095261

Codes of Power: Lemurian initiation to connect with Angels            9781844095247
Crystal Technology in         Golden Atlantis     9781844095230
Golden Age of Atlantis 9781844095216
High Priests & Priestesses of Golden Atlantis    9781844095209

Information & Meditation on 2012 - 9781844095193
Twelve Chakras - 9781844095186