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Inca Trail: Cusco & Machu Picchu 5th Edition - 9781905864553

Includes Santa Teresa Trek, Choquequirao Trek, Vilcabamba Trail, Lima City Guide.

Fully revised and an all-in-one guide for hiking the Inca Trail. Includes Lima and Cusco City Guides, route guides and  maps for Inca Trail, Choquequirao, Santa Teresa and link routes and full Machu Picchu guide.

The first edition of the Overlanders' Handbook (9781905864072) by Chris Scott and his band of globetrotting contributors is the definitive manual for planning and undertaking a vehicle-dependent over landing adventure across the wilds of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The book is supported by the online resource www.overlanders-handbook.com.





Kilimanjaro is now in a 4th Edition (9781905864546)

The Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook (9781905864683) is in a brand new 3rd edition

The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook (9781905864737) is now in its magnificent 7th edition