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Between the Briefs

By Aubrey Malden

About this acclaimed book.

“Between The Briefs” propels you into the often flamboyant and sometimes dark world of international advertising agencies and their clients, revealing what really goes on. Including working for Prince Charles and the Queen of England. Revelations about Freddie Mercury, from the rock group Queen, who the author studied with. A touch of sex, an attempted bribe, a kidnapping in Cannes and an adventure with an inflatable doll. And the day when the author was fired by advertising guru, David Ogilvy because he proposed using rock star Paul McCartney for an international campaign for The World Wildlife Fund.

This book whisks you along from adventure to near catastrophe, to adventure again and again…

284 pages, With colour illustrations and photos

For more information kindly visit www.betweenthebriefs.com

The book is available to buy at Exclusive Books - click here to visit their online store